SignalQ provides smartly designed & engineered cloud solutions built around the integrated world-leading PortaSwitch ITSP platform from PortaOne.

We understand launching and running a successful telecommunications & digital service provider business is hard.

With many years of experience in the VOIP space, we can help you get started quicker by providing essential ecosystem services that leverage PortaSwitch's flexibility to give you differentiation from other service providers and stickiness among your customers.

Our beautiful & functional user-centric white-label web portal solutions build higher customer satisfaction and retention while taking the load off your support staff and reinforcing your brand presence.

Optimize your profits

Qdash, our management and reporting suite conveniently visualize your most important performance metrics and indicators to help you manage your business more profitably.

We have the expertise to help build your dreams

We are a unique mix of telecommunications professionals and web development experts able to give you a decisive competitive edge. Our team can plan, build, and deploy solutions faster and more efficiently because we understand the industry-specific problems you need to solve. Talk to us about what you have in mind, and we'll make it a reality.

While PortaSwitch provides you with all the required tools and infrastructure to run your backend processes efficiently (and profitably), SignalQ can provide you with the ecosystem around it so you can better leverage your investment.